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Man was born free, and every where he is in chains. To Socrates, the unexamined life is not free. In the society he knew, justice was overall important, and to him it was as well. The problem was that his beliefs conflicted with the conduct of law in his community, so he would have replied to this quote by saying that a person needs explore themselves or else they just build bars around their lives. In order to explore ones life, questions need to be asked and beliefs need to be challenged, but the law of his time prohibited such acts. The laws were needed to maintain order and they were for the to prevent injust acts from happening, but at the same time prohibited people to be free. A quote from the Apology after Socrates was convicted, stated, Now I shall depart, convicted by you and sentenced to death, while they go convicted by truth of villainess injustice(18). This statement would seem to say that a person is born free under the laws of justice, but already in chains by those same laws because they, the free born, cannot examine themselves to find There is no less difference between rule over a free person and rule over slaves, than between what is by nature free and what is by nature slavish(186). Any rule or authority puts chains on the people whether it is for order or punishment. Aristotle says, is by nature a political animal(140). People cannot live outside of a society in the view of Aristotle, they are social by human nature. The fact that there must be rule and politics to distinguish between the good for all and the good for each individual so that equality can be fulfilled, tells us that he believe that freedom is existent because of politics and yet taken away by politics to ensure equality for all. He says this in his book, The Politics, That the same way of life must necessarily be the best both for each human being individually and for cities and human beings in common..(187) If we all agreed equally then we could all be free. In...
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