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As a Union Minister, Industries (India):
Odisha is one of the poor states of India due to lack of development initiatives. In order to alleviate poverty in the state we need to utilize our natural resource and promote industrialization in the state. Niyamgiri mining resource have attracted Vedanta towards our state and they can bring a lot of investment which can generate employment and contribute significantly towards the growth. At the same time I need to make sure that setting of factory brings inclusive sustainable growth which would help in development of the area. I also need to take care that environmental issues are addressed properly by Vedanta It should be my duty to bring both sides on the same level as far as information flow is concerned. Instead of looking at the two players as hostiles, it is the role of the government, policymakers and thinkers to throw up creative ideas that help bridge this gap.

As A CEO of Vedanta:
We will make sure that not only we are benefitted from the Niyamgiri project but it also helps in development of the area. The Niyamgiri tribes are one of the most under developed area of the country .If we are allowed to set up in the area we will make sure that tribal people also develop and get better standards of living. Talking to the villagers and learning how they economically and socially benefitted would have also led the Niyamgiri to accept Vedanta with a more open mind. I need to understand the niyamgiri tribal culture, their way of thinking and need to get their outlook towards the issue compatible with the goals of the organization. We have already set up primary schools and primary healthcare Centre in the area .This will help in changing the mindset of the community and also help in raising the standard of living in long term The company will contribute 5% of its PBIT from this project to the development of this...
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