Marketing Business Report- Apple

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Marketing- Apple Business Report

Market Segmentation
1. Apple’s Target Market
Apple mainly sells to customers who are in the primary consumer, SMB, education, enterprise and government markets. They also sell and resell third party products in most of its major markets directly to consumers and SMB’s through online and direct stores. Apple aims to target customers who are willing to pay a bit more to get the highest range products for a more friendly and personal user experience. Apple also aims to find technology savvy consumers who are into new and stylized products.

1. Apple’s product range

Positioning involves a marketing strategy that aims to make a brand occupy a distinct position in the market. Apple positions their products high up in the market, they are up to date, user friendly and accessible for any consumer. Apple aims to project an image in the consumer’s mind that is technologically more advanced in design than any other mP3 player.

Branding is the process in creating a unique image and name for a product in a consumer’s mind, mainly through marketing. The Apple brand has strong recognition and a devoted following based on its innovative, fashionable appeals and simplicity of use. The simplicity involved with Apple’s products and branding creates a sense of versatility and forms world beyond with all Apple’s products being the same worldwide. Any consumer can have access to an Apple product; they are sold all over the world in 13 countries.

The role of packaging is to attract attention, assist in promotion, provide machine information, and identification (barcodes, instructions etc.) Each product is systematically packaged so that the consumer learns about it and creates a relationship just by taking it out of the box.

Apple’s packaging is simple and international making it race friendly. The information used is educational and ingenious, which makes it user friendly.

Price Methods
1. Cost plus margin
2. Market price
3. Competitors’ price
4. Discount price

Apple uses competitors price, choosing a price that is either below, equal to or above that of the competitors. In doing so, apple can either set a standard by becoming the price leader or can bring their prices down to comply with other businesses standards.

Promotion refers to the methods by a business to inform, persuade and remind customers about its products. Elements of the Promotion Mix
1. Personal Selling
Apple believes a high-quality buying experience is needed to convey the value of their products and to attract and entice the customer to the product. Personal sellers are knowledgeable, well trained and approachable, a lot of time and money is spent to bring personal sellers up to a standard. Apple uses personal selling not only in the Apple retail stores but also in select third party retail departments

2. Sales Promotion
Apple uses personal selling as there sales promotion as majority of products are sold directly to the consumer. Apple aims to have salespeople who are knowledgeable and can convey the company’s products correctly so as to attract and retain customers. Apple believes that having direct customer contact increases their competitive advantage above other businesses.

3. Publicity
Apple is a worldwide known business; they gain publicity in a variety of ways including television ads, launch events, news publications, billboards etc. Word of mouth is a big advantage for Apple in publicity so they aim to create a positive experience for customers so that they pass on good words and keep returning for the business.

4. Advertising
Apple spent $33 million for 2013, 2012 and 2011, this money is used to communicate a message about the product to the consumers and attract potential. This creates a demand for the product and communicates essential information.

Distribution channels
Identify three methods of...
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