Marketing: How B2B Differs from B2C

Topics: Marketing, Business-to-business, Business-to-consumer Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: April 14, 2008
Marketing: How B2B Differs From B2C
Marketing b2b v b2c
Marketing allows organizations to promote their products or services with the intent of maximizing their profit and gaining consumers’ confidence. In today’s society marketing the correct product/service can be difficult but implementing the marketing process and planning accurately can alleviate potential obstacles. This paper will discuss the meaning of marketing, define business to business (B2B), define business to consumer (B2C), and compare how marketing differs between B2B/B2C websites. In marketing there are 4 Ps. In order to determine how marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site we would have to focus on the 4 Ps of marketing which is Product: This includes packaging design, branding, trademarks, warranties, guarantees, product life cycles and new product development. Price: Setting profitable and justifiable prices. Place: This covers the physical distribution of goods. Promotion: Encompasses personal selling, advertising and sales promotion. All of the 4 Ps will apply to both B2C & B2B sites however the only difference is that the 4 Ps for a B2C site would relate to a business to consumer and the B2B site would be related to a business to business. Giving credit to the author retrieved from According to Warholic, “marketing a B2B/B2C website requires a performance evaluation, understanding the business being marketed, identifying the customer base, incorporating pertinent content with the keywords properly included, updating the content regularly, establishing trust with customers, and understanding the marketing channels available” (Warholic, 2006, para 1). Marketing consist of four elements that assist with developing the market mix: product, which is the physical item or service that a company is selling, place is where and how a product is distributed and sold, promotion explains the advertising/selling part of marketing the product/service, and price defines how much the...

Marketing: Differences Between B2B and B2C
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