Meaning of Being Human

Topics: Human, Natural environment, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: October 26, 2011
To begin with, what is a human? A descendant of an ape? Or a creature sent to earth at the beginning of time to look after the beasts and plantation in the Garden of Eden. Just think about our taxonomical name Homo sapiens, it means a wise man and hopefully giving us that name wasn’t a mistake. Humans, the animals with the most phenomenal brain, capable of the most abstract thoughts possessing the most amazing skill of imagination, are the masters of the animal kingdom. We are almost dominant over nature. We tame the seas, and the land and many other living things but it seems that we take it all for granted. We litter the land, pollute the air, contaminate the seas and kill many living creatures, and murder is not as much crime as simple betrayal of our kind. Being a human is not only a gift but also a great responsibility. We are here to set a good example to creatures below us, but what do we do, we completely contradict our meaning to this world by showing how easy it is to destroy nature.

Being human is being accepted by your own self, your environment, and those who are directly involved within your environment. It means being treated nothing different from persons with other orientation just because some think that they‘re different. Our identities as humans however are not rooted in one place, our minds and limbs are also stopping from one port to another in no time, too busy to keep pace with breakthroughs, leaving no remorse and trail along the way. These could be the reasons why we, humans have higher risks of experiencing discriminations. However, this is not an excuse for us to allow ourselves to become unaccepted by many especially for a longer period of time because part of being human requires ways to cope up with whatever differences, superficiality and impersonal characters we have in ourselves and in our environment. Having a feeling of being accepted by our identities is regarded as an incident that’s worth remembering. It creates an...
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