Topics: Horror film, Stanley Kubrick, Overlook Hotel Pages: 4 (973 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Narrative within horror films
Introduce my area of study, Psychological horror films
Introduce my research focus, Narrative structures within the horror genre Part one:
Key concepts and theorys of my investigatioin
Tzertan todorov, Equilibrium > Distruption > Resolution/Re-Equilibrium Three act narrative structure
vladimir propp – Propp was interested in the narrative of folk tales, he identified a common use of “stock Characters” with them and also character’s narrative function within the plot providing structure within text. The use of these “stock characters” appear in many Hollywood films Stock characters: e.g. Cinderella Hero- seeks something Cinderella Villain – who opposes the hero’s objective, - ugly sisters the donor – who provides object with magical properties - fairy godmother the dispatcher – who sends hero on a quest - fairy godmother the false hero – perceived as good character in beginning but emerges as evil -ugly sisters the helper – aid the hero - Fairy godmother the princess – reward to the hero and the object of the villain’s plots - prince charming her father – rewards hero for his efforts - prince charming Characters can occupy a number of roles or “spheres of action” Propp’s narrative structure Is based on the development of the plot, it can be divided into 6 sections: preparation, complicatioin, transference, struggle, return and recognition. be divided into 6 sections: preparation, complication,...
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