Nature and Nurture Debate

Topics: Genetics, Girl, Boy Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Nature and nurture debate
Nature is how you are naturally, it’s your genetic inheritance and biology and nurture is your environmental and socioeconomic issues. Based on the David reamer story, he was born a boy but brought up to be a girl; however this failed due to nature taking over. Although David was dressed as a girl and brought up as a girl he still wanted to play with boys toys. This shows that nature played a big role in his life. From the beginning when David was born he obviously didn’t know what was going on. The circumcision operation went wrong which left it in the hands of doctor money to change him into a girl. This meant that he was born a boy but was nurtured into a girl. His parents agreed to a very serious operation that they knew would change David’s life forever. This must have been a very hard choice to make for them knowing they could be causing serious harm to their child. Genes provide the instructions for structuring amino acids which in turn influence the proteins within our body cells. In this way, genes program the chemical basis of our biology. David Reimer was genetically a boy, so the inner feelings of his genes are bound to show, you inherit what you look like and personally traits from your parents. Development is seen to be influenced by our genes and in this case scenario it is true. As we have accomplished in the case study, David Reimer has killed himself due to nature and nurture meeting together and fighting against each other in his mind. His parents have a very strong hold over him as the socialisation process is very important. He is being socialised into a girl who would enable him to believe that, however nature is also very strong. Nature has a very strong impact over everyone due to you being born into a certain gender. Davids accident has happened at a very young age, which means he is not set in his ways as such, due to the socialisation process not coming to an end yet. Genes start to develop particularly at...
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