Nature and Nurture Influences

Topics: Homosexuality, Nature versus nurture, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (695 words) Published: November 17, 2014

Nature and Nurture Influences
Lisa Baker
ECE 205 Introduction to Child Development
Instructor: Jill Windes
September 29, 2014

Nature and Nurture Influences
We were asked to write a paper on Nature and Nurture influences on a child development. There has been a debate for years about this topic. Some phycologist believe that it is just nature that you are born with the genes from you parents to make you the way you are through evolution. Then there are those that it is just the nurturing we receive as babies or even in the womb through our child hood. That both Nature and Nurture go together in some way. The difference between Nature and Nurture will be described and the relationship between the two. I will explain the biological, environmental, societal, and cultural influences on child development in relation to nature versus nurture. This debate has gone one since 1970’s, when some studies showed the social behaviors of primates like chimpanzees and gorillas that this was humans closest relatives genetically speaking (García, J. 2014). The increased social significance of gay and lesbian rights in recent years has sparked interest among some researchers as to the causes of homosexuality. Supporters of gay rights claim that homosexuality is natural and innate, while many opponents of gay rights often claim that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice (García, J. 2014). These are big debatable topics that they say is all nature. I disagree I am a Christian and go by the bible not scientist sorry that’s my belief. Whether you are gay or believe we come from monkeys that’s fine. I believe it is a choice you choose to be the way you are it’s your life style that’s fine. We are nurtures from the time we are conceived parents talk to their babies will in the womb. The fetus does respond to noise we say the ABC’s to them when they are born we hold them feed them. When our children get older or fall as a child we kiss...

García, J. (2014). Nature versus nurture debate. Research Starter Topics,
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