Nature Nurture Debate

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Gender: Nature
Nurture Debate
By Liz Noad, Kate Lightburn, Sammy, Kris
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 Nature

versus nurture is the argument of whether it is
the characteristics that are inherited, or those that are
learnt through environmental influences, which effect
how we develop.

 We

are going to look into the different psychological
approaches in relation to whether it is nature or nurture
that determines gender:
◦ Psychodynamic
◦ Biological
◦ Social Learning
◦ Cognitive


Sex and gender are often referred to as one and the same, so it is important to distinguish between certain words and phrases:
◦ Sex: The biological state of a person; whether they are male or female depending on their genetic makeup.
◦ Gender: This is the social interpretation of sex. Is an individuals classification on whether a person is male or female.
◦ Gender Identity/ Role: Through socialisation we learn what is acceptable behaviour from females and males. We learn that each have different expected characteristics. ◦ Gender Constancy: Is the realisation that gender is fixed. This happens at 4 years of age.

Sex and Gender


backs up both the nature and
nurture, with his psychodynamic
◦His idea of the personality being in three
parts: the Id, Ego, and Superego.
 The Id is what we are said to have
acquired naturally in birth. It is the
primitive self, who strives to survive.

Psychodynamic Approach

 The ego develops a few months in, and
continues to be learnt from the outside world,
it is when our consciousness comes into play.
A child would learn the difference between
male and female.
 The superego is the internalisation of moral
values. We strive to do the right thing. So a
child may have it instilled to act a certain way
because that is what is expected, so any other
feelings may be pushed into the unconscious.

Psychodynamic Approach


Freuds Psychosexual stages, it is the
Phallic stage at age 3 to 6 years old that
children become gender aware.


child is aware of what sex they are
biologically, but their gender is effected
by interactions between mother and

Psychosexual Stages


the personality model Freud talks
about cannot be proved.


approach is also deterministic in that there
is no free will when it comes to the
psychosexual stages

Psychodynamic Theory

Little Hans Case Study

Biological Approach

All that is psychological is
psysiological first ‘Aron’.

Social Learning Approach

Cognitive Approach


is no doubt that sex is based
solely upon nature, whereas
determining gender brings together
both nurture and nature as it is the
how society views the sexes.



All that is psychological is
psysiological first ‘Aron’.

Biological psychology is the study of
the physiological basis of behaviour
and experience, it is highly scientific
in approach, the key areas of study

Thought’s, feeling’s, ect,
reside in the mind and are
ultimately of biological

Cognitive is
mainly a
consequence of
stages of innate

The nervous system and behaviour
States of consciousness
Biological rythms
Anxiety and stress


Biological psychology states:• Human Behaviour can be explained through hormones, genetics, evolution and the
nervous system
• If in theory, behaviour can be explained
biologically, causes for unwanted behaviours
can be modified or removed using biological
treatment such as medication for mental
• Biological psychology believes in experimental
treatment conducted using animals, this is
due to our biological similarities.


Charles Darwin
• Was an 18th century English naturalist and geologist.
• Best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory. • Whilst on a 5...
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