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Topics: Nature versus nurture, Twin, Tabula rasa Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Nature vs. Nurture is a widely debated topic in the field of psychology. Nature vs. Nurture explains the relative influences of genetics versus the environment in the development of personality. Nature is represented by instincts, and genetic factors, and nurture by social influences. Some psychologists agree with one side of the debate over the other. However, there are many psychologists who believe that both sides have an influence on the type of person we will become. Many studies have been completed to attempt to determine if it is in fact nature that influences the person we will become or if it is nurture that will influence it. One study that supports the nurture side of the argument is that done by British philosopher John Locke. He believed that everyone is born with a Tabula Rasa, which is Latin for Blank Slate. He believed that at birth, the mind is a blank slate and that our experiences as we grow write on these slates. His theory states that we are born without knowledge of fear or the manner in which we should act. He feels that it is our environment that will teach us how we will act or behave. Thomas Bouchard completed an experiment on twins in 1979. In this study, he had collected pairs of separated twins from all over the world. He then performed an I.Q. test on them. Identical twins scored within 86% of each other. This score was the highest of all test groups including fraternal twins and biological siblings. This study served as evidence that genetics clearly play a role in intelligence by proving that even identical twins raised apart from one another scored in the same range. Another study completed by Bouchard is known as the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart. In this study, he had observed a set of male twins that had been separated for almost 40 years. Though these twins were raised in different households, their intellectual and behavioral similarities could not be denied. Though many twins that are...
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