Nature vs Nurture

Topics: Gender, Nature versus nurture, Sex Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: August 26, 2012

Nature vs. Nurture of One’s Adherence to Gender Roles
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Throughout decades there have been a large number of controversies about gender and what it is that influences it to make us who we are. Psychologists have developed theories as what it is that forms us, whether it is Nature or Nurture. Nurture, being that our surrounding either physically or socially influenced one, or nature, which is our genetics or heredity that shapes us in to what gender we are. There is countless evidence to support both theories but which one really plays the part in creating the gender in human-beings? Perhaps it could be that they both hand in hand have some part in development. After conception, genetics starts to play a major role in determining ones gender. When the ovum is fertilized successfully by the sperm it then starts to produce the sex of the child. The mother carries the X chromosome which can produce either a male or female and then the sex is determined by the sperm. The father’s sperm can provide the ovum with an X chromosome that will create a female or a Y chromosome that will produce a male. During conception, depending on what chromosome was given, then the fetus begins to develop. If the X chromosome is present then the tissue that could have developed in to testes will form in to ovaries hence the developed of a female. However, if the Y chromosome is present then the testes will mature and will then secrete testosterone to further the development and inhibit the female cultivation of female organs. Three to four months after conception, more testosterone is emitted to allow expansion of the organs such as the scrotum and penis but also for the brain and nervous system so that the male does not experience a menstrual cycle during puberty. Later on in life during puberty the male and female receive another surge of hormones to stimulate the...
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