Nature vs Nurture

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Human nature, Gene Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Nature vs Nurture
Nature – A process in nature in which organisms possessing certain genotypic characteristics that make them better adjusted to an environment tend to survive and reproduce. Nurture – It is our surroundings what we learn and experience from others around us that influences us in different ways. Determinism – It is the belief that your future is fixed or determined by what you have genetically inherited or by your social surroundings experience. A statement such as “These people bring it on themselves you know” and “I bet she didn’t even try, that’s probably why she is like that” are deterministic statements. For Bruce, there was no future that was fixed by his genetics or inherited by social surroundings as his parents owned a car repair garage and his parents were not in the entertainment career themselves, nor did they put any pressure on Bruce to pursue this career. He attended Latmayer School and trained in dance in Tottenham and then Brixton and then went into show business when he was 14 years old with a song, dance and accordion act called, “Boy Bruce, the Mighty Atom”. Choice and Interaction – It is the belief that people take control of their lives during their own experience. It has been regarded as as the “free will” point of view. Some people think that everything is fixed by nature or nurture, or that everything is a matter of choice. However, most people understand that the human life course involves an interaction of nature, nurture and the decisions and choices that people make within their life. With Bruce Forsyth he attended the Latmayer School after watching Fred Astaire in films at age eight, her trained in dance in Tottenham and the Brixton. He started in show business when he was 14 years old with a song, dance and accordion act called “Boy Bruce, the Might Atom”. This very clearly explains the determinism theory as he wanted to go into acting and he took control of his life and were he wanted to head in his career....
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