Nature Vs. Nurture Essay

Topics: Genetics, Nature versus nurture, Gene Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: February 12, 2014
19 February 2013

Nature vs. Nurture 
Humans are born into the world with a clean slate upon which they can choose what to write, their history. Much of what humans know and know how to do is not present at birth, and almost all differences and similarities in behavior between individuals are believed to be sourced from a mixture of heredity and personal experience. “Nature” refers to the genetics of an individual, founded at the parents of an individual. “Nurture” refers to the personal experiences of someone, determined by how one is brought up. There are many theories among scientists considering both sides of the spectrum, but this paper will explain why personality is attained more through personal experiences, how one is raised, and who they are around.

Many people believe that the knowledge and behavior of an individual is solely sourced back to their genetics because they were told that the genes make up the individual. This is not a reliable cradle for such a conundrum. How humans interact relies partly on the genes, like perhaps a gene that traces to disease or a descending trait. But much of what humans interpret to be the “norm” or what is right or wrong is dependent on personal experience. If someone does something that gets them into trouble they will not be as quick to repeat that action. Humans learn by making mistakes and fixing them. Another contributing factor to this form of classical conditioning is fear. When someone has a bad experience with a particular object or place, they will often refuse to be involved with any activities involving either again.

One thing is clear: Humans do not inherit behavior as they inherit eye color. Even the staunchest geneticists say that people inherit a "liability" to be aggressive, measured as genetic probability, not certainty. 

Many scientific studies on this subject are done with twins, because after all, they are very similar genetically. Many times these twins are separated at...

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