Not for Self, but for Country

Topics: United States Navy SEALs, United States Marine Corps Pages: 4 (1070 words) Published: December 13, 2012
“This is Charlie 3589. We got a patrol moving one click south from your position, Whiskey Team,” said command.
“Copy that, command. We got about 30 men guarding a MIG scanning the skies. I advise you raise the drone’s altitude about 2,000 feet to avoid detection,” responded Whiskey Team.
“Copy that,” replied command. “You’re getting too close to their camp,” informed command, “We are ordering radio silence.”
The sergeant passed on the order to his men. He commanded, “From this point on, I want no chatter. Radios silent. You be silent. This is an order.”
The Navy Seals of Whiskey Team kept moving stealthily on foot. Their orders are to investigate a transport truck. Command ordered the investigation because of intercepted radio chatter about a heavily armed truck with questionable cargo. As they come upon its location, they see it is heavily guarded. Whiskey Team immediately recognizes that these men aren’t local military. They are dressed as civilians, but their gear and strong military formation gave them away. No money for hire mercenary would be armed with FN FAL assault rifles, RPK light machine guns, and M67 frag grenades while wearing ballistic vests. Whiskey Team visually searched the area, moved into position under the cover of trees and rock formations, and mentally prepared themselves for Serge’s orders.

“Open fire!” shouted the sergeant.
The frightened soldiers guarding the truck tried to duck and take cover, but were quickly cut down by Whiskey Team’s hail of gunfire. Those men didn’t stand a chance. They were eliminated before they fired one shot. The team kept frosty and moved in on the truck.

“Check it, corporal” ordered the sergeant.
The corporal approached the rear of the truck. He used his pistol to shoot off the lock. Cautiously, he opened the doors. He took a deep breath in and said, “Sir, we have warheads in here.” Before the sergeant could respond, the corporal screamed, “Bomb!”

42 hours later......
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