Notes on Euthanasia

Pages: 1 (471 words) Published: April 11, 2015
Euthanasia Sentence Outline

I. The act of voluntary euthanasia of the healthy as well as the sick is illegal and morally frowned upon in our culture here in the United States.
A. Euthanasia is the calculated “good” ending of a life whereas suicide is ending one’s own life but it is usually done out of despair.
B. Suicide and euthanasia are considered morally wrong and are illegal.
C. I will argue that voluntary euthanasia is a right of all citizens no matter the degree of that person’s health and that morality and ethics do no need any consideration when looking into the issue as long as the person can be deemed autonomous.

II. Here in America, every citizen has the inalienable right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence. I will start by examining the “life” aspect.

A. When people are allowed to exercise their right to euthanasia, they are freed from being censured by the regulations in place now and freed to live their life how they choose. B. Following the reasoning that one can lead their own life and make decisions about it means one could exercise the right to decide or choose when one is done with life and chooses death.

III. Liberty is a human being’s free will and right to choose direction of life.
A. Euthanasia protects one’s right and option (if wanted) to decide how their life ends and choose if it be natural, or preplanned.
B. When a human has the liberty to decide their death, that human will no longer fear death and have an elevated consciousness about how important their life is.

IV. The pursuit of happiness was the founding idea of America. Just as the colonists felt they could not truly be happy with the British oversight of their life, American’s today are being forced to let their lives end.

A. When an american deems their life no longer happy, as of now they do not have the option...
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