Operations Management

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Over the next five years, the analysts that follow this company are expecting it to grow earnings at an average annual rate of 21.06. This year, analysts are forecasting earnings growth of 9.6 over last year. Analysts expect earnings growth next year of 43.26 over this year's forecasted earnings.

* This company is going to have continued growth and success for years to come. I chose this topic because I personally use and have many Apple products and are very pleased with the performance I receive. Performance measurement and attribution are key tools in informing investment decisions and strategies. Performance measurement is the quality control of the investment decision process, enabling money managers to calculate return, understand the behavior of a portfolio of assets, communicate with clients and determine how performance can be improved. These are very important because based on your clients and customers you want to continue the growth and change to ensure that your goods and service design is meeting your customer requirements. * Apple requires each of its suppliers to meet the highest standards for all goods and services. Apple’s requirements include a commitment to rigorous quality assurance. In addition, suppliers must be committed, to ensure the highest standards of social responsibility. * The ideal suppliers are those who understand Apple’s culture and expectations. Apple values suppliers who take the time to learn about and understand the business and who look for ways to add value. These suppliers know the importance of making and meeting commitments and delivering the highest quality goods and services. * If you look at Apple, they’re very good at generating good ideas. They’re very good at bringing those ideas to market. They are able to further expand the product offering, with different extensions and different versions,” for example, Apple’s iPod and iPhone products. It’s not just about...

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