Operations Management and Productivity Module 1 Case Paper

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Operations Management and Productivity
Module 1 Case Paper
The Hard Rock Café used a theme that catered to a very large portion of the world. Rock and Roll, this theme or way of life for some was erupting big. This was assisted by people like the Beatles, Elvis and Buddy Holly. Eric Clapton was first icon to lay his imprint within the franchise, by leaving an un-signed guitar over his regular seat to lay claim to that spot. The Hard Rock Café was able to capitalize on this and incorporate this into the café themes. Therefore there services and product design was focused on the music memorabilia. The music memorabilia fell in place with the original theme of eclectic décor. This was in addition to their great food. When you think of management within the Hard Rock Café Corp. most probably think that it had to be a nightmare. The growth of the Hard Rock Café has grown tremendously since 1971. Now it is treated as a corporation not just a café. There is now a café training program in place to insure that their staff can provide the service needed to their guests. There are several components to their training. There is in-depth training in all areas of the business: kitchen, service, bar, retail, financial, group sales & marketing, operations management and administration functions. There is also 5-8 weeks of training in a certified training store and even a Rock 101 course available on-line. This is very detailed training that is provided to their staff to ensure that the guests of Hard Rock Café receive the very best services and product. The Hard Rock Café continues to collect memorabilia to place on display for their customers to see. This provides something new for all of their customers whether they are new or returning ones. This provides them with the Hard Rock Café experience that has come to be expected from them. Location is the key to their success. They have been winning this strategy for decades. This is grossly because 70% of Hard Rock’s...
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