Peer Influence

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Human nature Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Peer Influence
Natalee Braniff

As humans develop different shape our personalities and sculpt our brains. However it is hard to decipher exactly what experiences and what events in our lives define us the most. One of the largest factors that define us is our peer’s influence. Our parents and our friends and classmates shape our education, discipline, responsibility, and styles of interaction. Younger people may find their peers more interesting and exciting however parents play a large role as well.

Peer influence starts at a young age. For instance, preschoolers who dislike a certain food even though their parents urge them to try and like it they will be more likely to eat the food if placed at a table of children who like that food. However children, as they get older, most often try to seek out peers who act as they do and have similar interests and attitudes. Another study was conducted on immigrant children, the children placed in an environment with little to no reference to their parent’s culture will quickly lose their culture from their previous home, no matter where they are from.

Similarity to peers most likely results from a similarity effect based off the peers that children decide to spend their time with. Children are most likely to be similar to the other children they spend their time with. However, parental nurture is essential to our survival especially at our younger ages. Parental guidance is important however we are meant to interact with and work with our peers, and we are more sensitive to our peers styles and attitudes than in our home lives. Since we know this to be true in young age groups intervention programs are best aimed at a large group or community of young people, because if bad habits are coming from a child’s environment then the surroundings need to be fixed and not only the child.

Parental nurture is a large part of a child’s life. The parents define some of the most...
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