People are inherently evil

Topics: Morality, Religion, Human Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Sophie Harriman
Eng 101-3
Argumentative Essay
Humans are Inherently Evil
Have you ever wondered why your parents teach you manners? Or why they punish your for hitting your sister or biting your brother? Humans must be taught to be good because we are born inherently evil. The definition of evil is being somewhat wicked and immoral. The definition of good is being morally right and having integrity. Now, some people may say that this is a horrible thing to say, but if you think about it, how do all these bad things happen if people aren’t truly bad? Why do we have crime, rape, domestic violence, war, and murder? Not all people do these things and most people believe these are wrong, but there are people who still do it anyway. Humans can be good, if they try; however, humans are born inherently evil.

There are a standard set of moral truths that many people believe in, like murder is immoral, lying is bad, and stealing is wrong. Many people stand up to advocate about how we should not do these things because they are bad. But if people were born good and are truly good, why do we need to tell these people that this is bad? They should know already. You don’t take an iPhone into the apple store to get fixed if nothing is wrong. So why teach people what’s wrong if they aren’t broken?

When babies are born, they cry, they are needy, and they focus only on what they want. They are greedy. Babies don’t care if you’re sleeping; if they want to eat while you’re sleeping, they will cry until they are fed. This is because it’s all they know how to do. They are born selfish and must be taught to be good and polite.

War. War is a major part of human nature.
There is a book that describes human nature and shows what happens when a group of boys are isolated and have everything taken away from them. They resort back to their true human nature. At first, the boys try and keep their normal routines and live according to what they used to do....
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