Philosophy of Education

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It is better to guide students than to lecture them. As a progressive teacher, I will serve as an assistant or partner and guide students in learning. Students should have considerable freedom to determine what and how they learn. This is does not meant the teachers do not provide some structure in the class or that students do whatever they want. I will see where the students are and lead them to where they should be by the end of the year. I believe a teacher should use various methods to instruct students in the class to make sure that all students have a chance to understand. Students learn by being actively involved in the classroom. Being a guide, a teacher should provide access to information rather than be the only source of information. Having discussions rather than lectures will make class interesting, enjoyable, and help students succeed. If a student has input during a discussion they will more likely retain what is being taught because they have related it to what they already know. Whether it be hands on project or a group activity, a child is most likely to learn if they feel they are a part of the education process. Many times children will learn best from one another. They should be encouraged to interact and share ideas and knowledge with each other. Because children learn from others, it is important that teachers, parents, and administrators behave like good models. Teachers and administrators should make the school a comfortable, safe, and supportive place for students to grow. A balance between choices and boundaries will give children a sense of security. Teachers also need to be consistent with their decisions. An unpredictable teacher is likely to be untrusted by the students. It’s important that school is an enjoyable place because children spend much of their time here. Teachers and administrators should work together in providing the best for the student. Collaboration is essential. I believe teachers should not be the only people...
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