Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of Education Rough Draft
For this assignment, you will create a rough draft of your personal philosophy of education. Throughout your teaching career, your philosophy of education will help guide your choices and methods when working with young children. The final draft will be due at the end of this course. Instructions

1. Read "Developing a Philosophy of Education" on pages 28 to 30 of the e-Text (in MyLabsPlus) to help you develop a rough draft of your own personal Philosophy of Education. 2. To begin drafting your Philosophy of Education, you will consider the questions provided by the author of our textbook on page 29. This initial draft should be based your current thinking about educating young children and your knowledge and experiences so far. If you haven't yet worked directly with children, consider your own experiences as a child and/or your experiences with children in your family. Additionally, thinking about questions you currently have about the field of Early Childhood Education will help guide your learning in this class. You will continue to refine and develop your philosophy over the course of this class as well as through the rest of your professional development and career in the field of Early Childhood Education. 3. Complete the Philosophy of Education template attached to this dropbox and submit it back to this dropbox by the deadline. See the Schedule in the Start Here! Module for dues dates and the Philosophy of Education Rough Draft Rubric attached to this dropbox for grading information. Due Date

Jun 8, 2015 11:59 PM

Philosophy of Education
Rough Draft Template
Respond to the following prompts. If you don’t currently have an answer to the prompt, write down some questions that you’d like to explore related to the topic: 1. I believe the purposes of education are….

.… to establish a core sense of well-being in students and instill the joy of learning through successes and failures. 2....
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