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Topics: Leadership, Positive psychology, Management Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: November 7, 2010
1.Do you think the kinder, gentler leader image is just a fad? Yes I do feel this is just a fad most of the time, this can be look at in different aspect cause of how people change all the time. A leader in office may show the demand, but still passion of getting his job done, but home is different because a set of new reaction comes into play, here the leader is king/queen of the castle and can control their emotion more subtle then at work and show more emotions then it can be done at home making this more fad cause many times it can be done the same at work with each individual.

2.Do you think the kinder, gentler leadership approach works better in some situations than others? It is possible that Welch and Immelt are both effective leaders? I do believe it work better in some situations, but this will depends on the situations, such as being polite can show a person have a demeanor of major kind and weak especially in some companies, but kind can also show that a person have the sprite to bring new business partners to the table to help the company grow with by networking. I do feel that Welch and Immelt are effective leaders, because with the kindness and reading just little about them they show great success for their company, though I can say in a way down the long run I do feel it will be a down fall as well cause with words as “get out of the way” cause one only support if u with them, though if a person never back up, they will never see the new outcome of people who can make a better change or bring something new to the table.

3.Do you think the leadership style of people like Immelt and Obama is a result of nature, nurture, or both? What factors can you think of to support your answer? I do feel Immelt and Obama are nature and nurture. The reason for this they both have success in what they are good at, Immelt in Financial and Obama in Law and senate; with great success they show us what great leader they are and they give us a need to learn...
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