Public Needs to Know

Topics: Lunch, High school, Meals Pages: 4 (1642 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Assignment 2: The Public Needs to Know
Nicholas A Baker
May 8, 2013
Professor: John Conway
ENG 115

There are some parents in today world wanting to know what kind of food their schools are serving their kids. In the country today, there are a lot of school districts going to a more healthy program for school breakfast and lunch meals. The program that this school district is going with is the free and reduce lunch and breakfast program. The free and reduce program helps family who can provide lunch and breakfast for their children, and it also this programs provides a healthy meal for them as well. What the parents need to know is what the program is about and how to qualify for it, the benefits of the program, what kinds of special needs the program provides for their kids, and the cost of the program. After describing all of these important items to the parents, the parents will be happy that their children are getting a healthy meal or meals at school.

The first thing parents need to know about what the new program is and how to qualify for the program. This type of program is a National program provided by federal government. According to the fact sheet on the National school lunch program, this program is federally assisted meal program the is operated in over 100,000 public and non-profit private schools. Also, this program is down at residential child care institutions as well (National School Lunch Program Fact Sheet). This program will be available to all grade levels from Kindergarten through the twelve grade. Every elementary, middle and high schools will have the same lunches throughout the school district. However, before any student within the district can be part of this program, they must qualify first. To qualify for the program, the parent must filled out a form for each child. For an example, if a parent has 2 kids in the same school or 2 kids in different school within the district, they must fill out a form for each child....
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