Questions on Materials and Metallurgy

Topics: Iron, Rockwell scale, Vickers hardness test Pages: 6 (615 words) Published: March 17, 2013


• Discuss the Hume Rothery rules for substitutional solid solution(8)

• Explain the construction of phase diagram(8)

• What are the types of solid solution explain in detail wit sketches(8)

• Draw iron-carbon equilibrium diagram and label all the phases and also enumerate the properties of all phases(16) (fertile,austenite,cementite)

• With ideal phase diagram, cooling curves and examples explain the following binary systems. Also name the system

1) 2 components completely soluble in liquid and completely insoluble in the solid state

2) 2 components completely soluble in liquid and completely soluble in the solid state


• Explain the construction procedure of isothermal transformation diagram. Neatly sketch the diagram indicating phases on different phases on it.(TTT Diagram)(16)

• Distinguish between annealing and tempering(16)

• Explain in detail

i) Flame hardening

ii) Induction hardening (10)

• Compare between austempering and martempering

• What is case hardening? Explain:

i) Carburizing

ii) Cyaniding

iii) Nit riding

iv) Carbonitriding

• Explain the following heat treatment process used on steels in terms of temperature of heating method of cooling and structural transformation in the steel due to heat treatment

i) Annealing

ii) Normalizing

iii) Spheroid sing

iv) Hardening

• Draw C-C-T Diagram & explain(8)

• What is hardenability? With suit able sketches explain the jominy end quench hardness test(16)


• Explain the mechanism of plastic deformation by slip and twinning.(16)

• What is creep, draw the creep curve and explain the different stages of creep damage(8)

• Explain the mechanism of brittle fracture(includes griffths fracture equation and till observation) (16)

• Differntiate between brittle fracture & ductile fracture(8)

• What is hardness test and explain (16)

i) Brinell hardness test

ii) Vickers hardness test

• With a neat sketch explain the hardness measurement by Rockwell method(8)

• With a neat sketch explain the fatigue test of a material(8)

• With a neat sketch explain the creep test arrangement and test procedure(8)

• Izod and charpy test


• State the effect of adding following alloying elements to steel(10)

i) Chromium

ii) Vanadium

iii) Manganese

iv) Tungsten

v) Silicon

vi) Molybdenum

• Give the composition property and uses of spheroidal graphite(SG cast iron) (or) nodular cast iron (or) ductile cast iron .(16)

• With a phase diagram and relevant sketches explain the precipitation hardening treatment of Al-Cu alloys(8)

• What are the characteristics of bearing alloys?

With composition, property and uses, explain bearing bronze and admiralty gun metal(8)

• Discuss about grey cast iron(8)

• Enumerate the composition and applications of (8)

i) Cupro nickel

ii) Bearing alloy

iii) Bronze

• Write down the composition and applications of following metal (i) Stainless steel (ii) Tool steel(10)

• What is maraging steels? Give the effect of various alloying elements in maraging steels its heat treatment procedure(16)

• What are HSLA steels? Discuss its composition,properties,characteristics and applications

• Classify plain carbon steels and cast iron based on composition and application

• Write a note on alloys of copper and aluminium(16)


• Differentiate thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics(6)

• Write short notes on particle reinforced composites and fibrereinforced composites(8)

• Write short notes on(10)




4.Urea and...
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