Reflective: Communication and Service User

Topics: Communication, Wales, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Reflective Account 2
For my second reflective account I have chosen to reflect upon communication within the care home. The particular experience I wish to reflect on was when I was sat in the elderly mentally ill unit when I heard a resident let out a high pitched screech. The resident is Mrs. J, a white female who’s preferred language is English. I initially thought that the resident might be in pain or discomfort. When I spoke to the carer about this matter she informed me that the resident did not want anymore to drink and also they have learnt this is her way of communicating with them. The carer informed me that it is important for this resident to have a drink although she does understand that the resident has her own choices. I felt that the carer dealt with this in a sensitive manner and she allowed the resident to express her feelings and to make a choice about whether she wanted the drink or not. This experience has made me aware of how easy it can be to interpret non-verbal communication and that this could also have been misconstrued as challenging behaviour. This occurrence has made me aware of how important communication is in social work and that it is very significant to learn how to communicate effectively with service users and also to gain knowledge and understanding of how each service user has their own way of communicating. By understanding which form of communication each service user will use it will allow me to adapt my way of thinking and enhance the service I provide best suited for each individual. The carer was practising under the guidance of the Mental Health Act 2005 and the Code of Practice 2001 as she was protecting the resident, as she understood the importance of hydrating the resident. However the action of the resident then refusing the drink could suggest that the carer had not given her the choice in the first place. This could be seen as oppressive practice which is not promoting good practice and not promoting the...
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