Role of Engineers Today

Topics: Disability, Computer, Computer science Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Greatness has nothing to do with where you are and what resources are available to you. People who achieve great things in life need just one thing – passion. That passion has a power to propel you through all uncertainties and make you a superhero. Time and again this basic fact of life has been proved. Yet we find students losing the battle of life as early as after a failure in IIT JEE. We hope the story of Danish Chopra can mirror the real picture of the requisite of success.

I happened to accidentally stumble upon . I found few products listed in the site. 1. SiiCS – To help visually impaired and color blind people to quickly recognize real world objects and know their description 2. Netra Rathh – To help people with motor disability on legs and arms. They can control their wheelchair through their eyes. 3. EVGS with Hindi Text to speech system- Deaf and blind people having EVGS can interact with each other through EVGS device as well as with other people through EVGS. 4. Handwriter – To help physically and mentally challenged people. With handwriter, users can type in computer in their own handwriting/convert a document in their handwriting and then take its printout saving their effort and time. 5. Smart Rural Education project – A set of 7 softwares and 3 hardware tools to digitalize the rural education in India and help improve the quality and standard of education to meet with the urban schools in India. 6. INR 500 minicomputer console – An INR 500 minicomputer for poor and underprivielged students to help them learn basics of computers such as typing, saving and retrieving data. I was eager to know which is this company that makes such innovative products. M/S Hindustan Software Technologies (HST)  founded  in March 2008 as a non profit software product firm to develop innovative technologies for the disabled and underprivileged, technologies that make their lives more easy and productive. Impressive. All products have been...
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