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Topics: Marriage, Mount Pisgah, Trigraph Pages: 4 (458 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Officiating Ministers
1. Pastor J.O OyebanjiChairman Efon DCC
2. Pastor (Dr) J.A AlokanFounder
3. Pastor S.F ObisesanChairman Lagos DCC
4. Pastor E.O AdisaD/S Oke-Ayo Efon
5. Pastor S.O.S.Ojeyinka
6. Pastor Awe
7. Pastor J.B. Ajayi
8. Pastor R.O. Ojo
9. Pastor E.O. Wuraola
10. Pastor J.B. Olurotimi
11. Pastor Adelani
12. Pastor Oyetunji
13. Pastor Ademiloye
14. Pastor Peter olajide C.A.C Pisgah (Host)
15. Pastor Tanimola Micheal
16. Pastor O. Falayi
17. Porophetess Oluwanifimise
18. Prophetess Ehhinafe
19. L/Evang. Olurotimi
20. L/Evang. Ololade Oni
21. All Chairman Present
22. All D/S & Pastor Present
23. All Evang. & Prophet Present

Order of service
1. Choruses/Orin Idaraya Emi
2. Opening Hymn/Orin Ibeere Isin
3. Color party
4. Opening Prayer/Adura Ibeere Isin
5. Bible Reading/Eko Kika
6. Exhortation/oro Iyanju
7. Charge & Declaration
8. Vow, joining & blessing/Sise Adehun
9. Prayer for the Couple/Adura fun Tokotaya
10. Warning/Ikilo
11. Orin Adako;C.A.C. Mount Pisgah Efon-Alaaye
12. Sermon/Iwaasu
13. Prayer/Aduea
14. Signing of the Marriage Certificate/Fifi owo si Iwe Eri
15. Announcement /Ifilo
16. Thanksgiving/Idupe
17. Closing Hymn/orin ipari isin
18. Benediction/ore-ofe

1. Ire ta su ni Edeni
Nigbeyawo ‘kini
Ibukun t’a bukun won
O wa sibe-sibe
2. Sibe titi di oni
Nigbeyawo kristani
Olorun wa l’arin wa,
Lati sure fun wa.
3. Ire ki won le ma bi
Ki won ko si ma re;
Ki won ni ‘dapo mimo
T’enikeni k’yo le tu
4. Ba wa pe, Baba orun,
Fobinrin yi f’oko
Bi o ti fi Efa fun
Adam l’ojo kini.
5. Baw a pe, Immanueli
Si so owo won po
B’eda meji ti papo
1. That voice that breathed o’er Eden
That earliest wedding day
The primal marriage blessing,
It hath not passed away.
2. Still in the pure espousal
Of Christian man and maid
The Holy there was with us,
The threefold grace is said.
3. For dower of blessed children,
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