Scm Globe Assignment: Exploring Other Supply Chain Options to Support Growth

Topics: Supply chain management, Supply chain, Inventory Pages: 6 (1986 words) Published: June 16, 2013
The SCM Globe system is a learning tool whose purpose is to provide hands on education in the basic dynamics of supply chain management. During the course of the semester, while using the SCM Globe simulation and performing the activities related to the case study presented, students were afforded the opportunity to manage and operate different supply chains. Students got a firsthand feel of how supply chains operate. A.Overview of Cincinnati Seasonings Supply Chain

The Cincinnati Seasonings Supply Chain case study is a basic simulation of a simple supply chain to support a company that designs and markets food seasonings and sells its products in stores throughout the Midwestern United States. The purpose of the case study is to familiarize students with how to set up a supply chain and simulate its operations. Students get practice defining the product that the supply chain handles and in setting up the facilities, vehicles and routes that make up the supply chain.

When students simulate the operation of the supply chain that is created they will get an appreciation of some of the central challenges involved in operating a supply chain. Students will get insights into balancing the need to run a responsive supply chain that never lets its customers run out of product with the need to run an efficient supply chain that also minimizes supply chain inventory and operating cost.

Cincinnati Seasonings is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The founder of the company was born and raised in Cincinnati and learned about seasonings because the family operated a chain of restaurants in the city that served up Cincinnati-style Chilli. This dish is Cincinnati’s offering to world cuisine and it uses a certain fine mix of seasonings to give it the flavor it is famous for.

The company has done well. You have been hired to head up the company’s supply chain operations. They have a seasonings factory and a distribution center in Cincinnati and they are delivering product to stores in Ohio and the surrounding states who sell their seasonings. The company is looking to you to set up and operate a supply chain that keeps customers supplied with product and also runs as efficiently as possible so as to keep costs down. B. The initial supply chain scenario

The initial scenario was that the seasonings factory and the company distribution center contained a route connecting these two facilities. The objective was to create a supply chain to support the Cincinnati Seasonings business. This was to be done by either creating or deleting product, adding trucks, routes and/or facilities and maneuvering the chain supply so that it ran on average upwards of twenty days or more consecutively.

The objective of the simulation is for students to run their supply chain design to determine how inventory moves through the different facilities. Students are able to see where too much inventory builds up and where they would run out of storage capacity. Students are also able to see where there aren’t enough inventories. Students are able to click on the tabs for the different facilities and vehicles to see the data and graphs of the data. Students are to look for patterns and figure out what needs to be done to fix the problem that stopped the supply chain in that simulation. Students are able to make those modifications to the supply chain facilities, vehicles and routes and run the simulation again. The ultimate objective is to attempt to get the supply chain to run for at least 20 days before it crashes. II.Accomplishments

Managers are faced with the daunting tasks of getting the products to locations, planning truck routes and just overseeing day-to-day operations. A breakdown in the operation causes shortages or no product inventory therefore no profit is made, but the associated costs will still keep coming creating company loss, plant and store closures etc. A. What went well

I was able to integrate the new...
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