Short Story: I Love You Too

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I Love You Too
It was a warm, but breezy Sunday afternoon. The usual day of fall, the leaves were turning; reds, yellows, and oranges flooded the trees (imagery). Leaves danced around the hard concrete pavement (personification), and then lifting off into the air. I was walking to Tyzer’s house, suddenly; a chill ran up my back. Turning around, there was a pearly Tahoe. But, this Tahoe was familiar; I turned around and walked faster. The chill in my spine turned into pierce, throbbing pain; grabbing my back I turned around once again. Stones were being thrown at me, it was Harper and Jaylen. Jaylen drove slowly, right behind me, as Harper chucked rocks in my direction, from the window. Beep, beep (onomatopoeia); Jaylen honked the horn. “Where do you think you are going hot shot?” Jaylen yelled, though the driver window. “Can you just leave me alone? Seriously, everything is getting old. I have never done anything to you guys.” I stopped. “Well, listen here, you were kind of born, that’s the problem.” Jaylen spoke louder, still following me. I could see Tyzer’s house across the street and felt my eyes moisten. “Jordynn, honey, the thing you do not understand is, if you were to die no one, none of your family or friends would care. Oh, wait that’s right she doesn’t have friends, “Jayden and Harper looked at each other and giggled, “except for that Tyzer guy. But, he only hangs out with you because you’re easy.” Harper chuckled as they drove away. Hot tears ran down my face, as I sprinted across the street, to the safety of Tyzer’s welcoming home.

Finally getting to his door step I knocked as he answered. Seeing I was emotionally hurt, he wrapped his arms around me tightly. The smell of hot chocolate crept up my nose. As we walked inside, we let go of each other. There stood Tyzer’s Mom in the kitchen, holding two cups of warm, steaming hot chocolate. On the top of one, plopped three big marsh mellows, and in the other there was no trace of any. Linda knew I absolutely hated marsh mellows from day one. “Honey, why so blue? Is it Harper and Jaylen again? If so you shouldn’t let them bother you! You are so much better, you have the biggest heart, and you’re very, very beautiful. Don’t you agree Tyzer?” Looking over at him, his face turn beat red, and started blushing. He grabbed his neck and bit his lower lip. He did this whenever he got nervous. “Well okay, are you staying over tonight?” Linda asked, trying to change the subject. “I don’t know?” I locked eyes with Tyzer. He was still blushing and then answered, “Yeah... I mean yes, if you want to again.” He said casually, going back to his natural color. “Okay, I had fun last weekend! This should be just as fun!” I said in a much better mood. Setting my hot chocolate down on the coffee table, rubbing my back, I felt something warm but wet. Looking at my hand, it was stained red; I walked to the bathroom quickly. Not thinking they were going to see my dampened sweatshirt. Tyzer followed after me, “Is that blood?” he said following me into the upstairs bathroom, “What did they do to you?” “It’s nothing.” I looked at the ground, and then looked back up. “J, you’re bleeding. This isn’t just anything. What did they do to you?” he grabbed peroxide, cotton balls, and then lifted up the back of my sweatshirt; revealing my wounds. He always called me J; it was the nickname he gave me in the fifth grade. “They threw rocks at me.” looking down, tears filled my eyes again. “Something else is bothering you… What did Harper and Jaylen say?” He poured peroxide onto a cotton ball and touched it to my open wounds. “Ouch!” “Sorry J, please continue.” Tears streamed like a waterfall (simile), down my face. “They… They said no one would care if I died, and I’m starting to… Think they’re right.” “NO! They are not right! Don’t listen to them! Your mom would miss you, my mom would miss you! Most of all… I would miss you.” I turned and looked into his deep sea blue eyes; they were glistening and...
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