Starbucks - Supply Chain

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Expectations of Starbucks’ customers in terms of Starbucks’ coffee beverages

The expectations of Starbucks’ customers regarding coffee beverages would be to receive a perfectly made coffee, which is also recognized by the Starbucks’ mission statement. The notion of perfectly made coffee at Starbucks will include freshness and richness of taste, choice (varieties by origin, type and flavor), consistency of taste, image of “premium coffee”, some exotic experience, gourmet beverage, unique blends, same consistent quality and same price at every location and every day. The idea is to help “customers find a beverage that’s right for them from over 19,000 choices, by giving them an opportunity to try new things they didn’t know about and find a new beverage.”

The primary goals of Starbucks’ coffee bean supply chain as being a customer focused organization

The primary goals of the coffee bean supply chain will be to provide total customer satisfaction by ensuring the coffee is available in all varieties, at reasonably affordable prices, and the coffee meets and exceeds customers’ expectations, along with providing the unique experience (as described above), while keeping costs possibly low throughout the whole chain from supplier(s) to end customer(s).

How purchasing helps Starbuck achieve their supply chain goals

Being an integral part and the core activity of the supply chain, purchasing is also a key strategic process of the business. At Starbucks, purchasing is ensuring an interrupted flow of coffee at optimal cost and of consistent quality. This is achieved by 1) searching varieties and sources that would meet SB standards in terms of supreme and sustainable quality, and careful selection of coffee and contracting reliable suppliers (Coffee Sourcing Guidelines, Preferred Supplier Status Program); 2) building long-lasting relationships with coffee growers and exporters, including co-ops and individual...
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