Strategic Management

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1.0 INTRODUCTION: About the Company
Data Exchange Corporation (DEX) based in United States of America, founded by Sheldon Malchicoff, the Chairman, president & CEO. The company runs a hi-tech supply chain industry business, established in 1980 it has divisions within the organisation to provide cost effective Supply Chain Solution, Parts Procurement and Professional Services in the field of Engineering, Design and Consulting.


Supply chain involving Advance Exchange Services, Depot Repair, Returns Management, Ware Housing Distribution and Warranty Support Services.


Parts Procurement involving Asset Recovery, E-Commerce, Global Procurement, Life Cycle Management and Vendor Network


Professional Services involving Supply Chain Design Consulting, Product Reverse Engineering and Project Implementation Management


Supply it Now unique online market place to sell all electronic products store


eDEX deals – online reseller for new and refurbished consumer electronics store


DEX Systems, software solutions a subsidiary

Their core root into the business is based on repairing high-tech electronic equipment’s when it was founded and later branched out with various activities with in that sector and pioneered in that field. The company seem has its presence in most of the sectors such as Medical Technology, Computers and Consumer Electronics, Retail, Automotive Electronics, Renewable Energy, Homeland Security, Telecommunication and Networking Industry and they claim to support more than dozens of fortune 500 companies worldwide which include most manufacturers, OEM and other organisations.

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2.0 Their Global Activity:
The Company has a global operations with facilities in California, Ohio, Ireland, UK, Netherland and China and they seems to be expanding. Their official website says its new location is at Brussels and they are also looking for their presence in “anywhere in the world where the customer wants”. What I understand, the company is tangible in terms of setting a facility according to their customer requirements which they call it as “DEX Pod”. They say of the customers prefer near them as a result the company provides their presence on a small scale operations which will strategically reduce a huge savings on product cost, time and money savings in the logistics. The company have partnered with various partners to share and gain the knowledge and excel their business. Their Partners include DHL, ACCENT, ORACLE, AMERICA and REVERSE LOGISTICS ASSOCIATIONS.

3.0 PESTEL - Industry Analysis on DEX
PESTEL analysis helps us to understand the opportunities and reducing the risks in business expansions.
3.1 Political:
The Company has a global operations in United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Asia and China. From the pint of employment legislation, most of the governments will be encouraging which will have various job opportunities from highly skilled labours , semiskilled and lower paid jobs in that country. They have to adopt each countries policies and procedures to be focused or considered upon a new venture. Employment laws, Inter trading varies between countries, funding’s or grants availability and political stability, Waste management policies as it involves electronic disposables are to be considered beforehand.

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3.2 Economical:
Economic factors can be an advantages to DEX has the likely to have demand for refurbished goods. The company offer an economical cost effective solution provider to their OEM customers as the third party service which results in competitive edge over others, even during recession. As they are looking for worldwide presence, the should be considering the economic impacts such as taxation, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, labour costs. As they have the international presence,...
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