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1. ....the time your customer pays the invoice."(No Answer) 1. Which of the following is NOT a source of price?
2. CORRECT: "cash-to-cash" is defined as "the time from which you pay your supplier until..... 3. Full collaboration is the dynamic combination of
4. What are the steps in the CRM process?
b. WIP inventories(No Answer)
1. Information Management
2. transportation rate
3. CORRECT: are associated with manufacturing
4. short run analysis.
b. The logistics/supply chain network transformation team(No Answer) 1. CORRECT: must be aware of the firm's overall business and corporate strategies and the supply chain in which it participates. 2. is one of the most commonly used techniques.

3. on the movement and storage of product.
4. assumes that the raw materials sources and finished goods markets are fixed b. a weight to each previous period.(No Answer)
1. Customer service can be defined as
2. Which is not a mode of transportation?
3. CORRECT: The weighted moving average method assigns
4. Form utility drives the need for
b. a fixed location layout where the product remains in place for the duration of production.(No Answer) 1. CORRECT: A project layout is
2. Capacity is
3. Gross margin equals
4. Exponential smoothing
b. EOQ(No Answer)
1. CORRECT: Seasonal stocks are not influenced by
2. Vertical collaboration refers to
3. Focused production is
4. Customer service can be defined as
b. Effective order management can have an impact on(No Answer) 1. all of these.
2. for up to 3 years.
3. CORRECT: all of these answers
4. information systems
b. JIT programs usually do not impact inventory turnover rates(No Answer) 1. Which of the following is NOT an element of Order Management? 2. The main strategy behind routing guides is to
3. Which are the major modes of international transportation? 4. CORRECT: 25. Which of the following statements about Just-In-Time (JIT) is false? b. The term supply chain information system (SCIS) is defined as(No Answer) 1. CORRECT: information systems that automate the flow of information between a firm and its suppliers 

2. are able to accommodate broad problem definitions
3. customers, suppliers, and various types of logistics suppliers 4. technological advances, especially in information technology and communications b. The biggest and best known example of a regional trade agreement (RTA) is the:(No Answer) 1. routing guide

2. competition
3. CORRECT: European Union (EU)
4. total landed cost
b. Full collaboration is the dynamic combination of(No Answer) 1. CORRECT: both vertical and horizontal collaboration.
2. transactional procurement solutions.
3. strategic and customer-related
4. least total cost.
b. Oversupply is created by(No Answer)
1. people
2. CORRECT: phantom demand.
3. manufacturing
4. liner service
b. are figuring more prominently into reverse logistics programs(No Answer) 1. The first facility consideration is to determine
2. The Supply Chain should
3. CORRECT: Total life cycle considerations (TLC)
4. Dependent demand relates to
b. activity(No Answer)
1. Most retailers are essentially supply chain companies since 2. Which of these is not a freight document?
3. CORRECT: Distribution facilities can provide numerous services, depending on the requirements of the supply chain. Which of these is not a typical service? 4. Customer service can be defined as

b. What advantage does the transit privilege give to shippers located at intermediate locations?(No Answer) 1. does not include the cost of the product.
2. expanding product life cycles
3. CORRECT: a lower, long-distance through rate charged for the shipment 4. pulls the location toward the source or the market
b. Globalization was initially driven by countries(No Answer) 1. CORRECT: seeking materials and goods not available in their own land 2. both vertical and horizontal collaboration.
3. a development that cannot normally be anticipated
4. strategic and customer-related
b. What...
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