Supply Chain Activities by Superstrores

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Superstore or super market is now a common place for the city people of Bangladesh. Several factors are working to grab the attraction of the consumers to the superstores. Discounting, offering better service, reliable price, good environment make the consumers mind to go there. On the other hand the monetary value of this industry is growing up in our economy. Lots of people are getting involved with this industry making their live out of unemployment. In this assignment we are assigned to elicit the “Factors affecting on the emergence of supermarket in Bangladesh: A study on Agora”. We have tried our best to carry out our mission. We have got some factors then explained themselves according to the theories. We made a survey on 200 respondents to know the real scenario of this industry. The officials of Agora were asked to give their views in this assignment.

Overall idea of the supermarket industry of our economy:
The term super market is not common to the consumers of Bangladesh. In 1990s Agora make their inception in this industry a sister concern of Rahimafrooz. Since then with a strong 15-20 per cent annual sales growth, about 30 companies with more than 400 outlets have already made foray into the industry. Before the beginning this trend people were used to go to the traditional bazaar called Kacha Bazaar . They were used to bargain with the sellers they needed to check the products quality and it was somewhat hassle full activity. When the supermarket set out their business in this country things are going to change. Now-a-days people can buy their product at any time from supermarket without hassle even they can order over online and get their product home. They could get varieties of things, all under the same roof, at a price that is not too much more than the usual Kacha Bazaar price.

People are coming to the supermarkets with enthusiasm for that reason the current players are taking initiatives to expand their realm over the country. Supermarket industry in our country is in primary level, because only the city dwellers can get the services of these markets. But things are changing drastically. More outlets are being opened to the new places to meet the growing demand of the customers. According to the super store employees, hassle-free shopping environment, hygienic commodities, fresh vegetables, meat and fish at the supermarkets are the matter of getting the attention of the customers. The supermarket biggies have attempted the massive expansion drive to attract the shoppers, who still depend on unplanned wet markets to buy their daily essentials. In this city the first superstore was established by Rahimafooz named Agora. Agora is a super shop that offers a wide variety of food and household merchandise. It has enough space to get all the necessary products and has greater amount of products than any other traditional Grocery shop. Agora comprises meat, produce, dairy and baked goods departments along with shelf space reserved for canned and packaged goods as well as for various nonfood items such as household cleaners, pharmacy products, and pet supplies. Agora is providing the services to the customers but there are complains that they charge high price for their product. But the officials of Agora claim the when the matter of quality comes in front then the customers will realize that the price is equal. The outlets of Agora are found in different areas of the city which suggests its differentiation strategy. Nandan Megashop , Meena Bazar and Shawpno are other three super shops of the city that focus on differentiation strategy. They try to provide quality products to the consumers and as a result the price charged is a bit high. Shwapno, a relatively new player in the market, focuses on a different strategy. It claims that it offers “Everyday Low Price” policy to consumers and believes that in this way they will be able to attract significant market share within a short span of...

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