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Topics: Livestock, Meat, Domestic sheep Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: September 24, 2013
The readings for this week cover supply chain in different industries. Read the case study on the New Zealand sheep meat supply chain and consider the level of supply chain integration and the problems associated with it. The New Zealand sheep meat industry is an important export for the country which has a market that can strongly influence the product that is being purchased. The level of supply chain integration is less than what could be considered desirable by the retailers and distributors which is a result of a range of issues with the structure of the industry. The main structure of the supply chain in the provided case is simple with farmers providing livestock, processing plants slaughtering a processing sheep controlled by the Food & Safety Authority, and butcheries further processing then selling the meat. The customers; both local and international have a strong influence in the product deliverable (variations based on local preference, cultural factors etc.) which needs to be catered to. This means there is an emphasis on the supply chain to deliver value to customers through are actively involved in the product specification and can therefore be considered conforming to the pull supply chain model. The supply chain in the industry however only partially reflects this as there appears to be a lack of flow of information between several key parties. On the start of the supply chain is the actual farms and the farmers. The information that the farmers provide to stock agents is minimal and therefore traceability of the products at the end of the supply chain is essentially impossible. Improving this information transfer at this stage could be done with the correct technology; however there is a distinct lack of technological integration at this stage in the supply chain. Stock agents may not trade downstream without the correct completion of forms and therefore the supply chain integration at their part of the supply chain is greater. On the next...

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Shroeder, A., & Hope, B. (n.d.). A New Zealand sheep meat supply chain.
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