Supply Chain of Walmart Green

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Case Study on
Wal-Mart’s “Green” Supply Chain Management
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Wal-mart was first started with the mission of providing products in really low price for their customers and undergone through different stages. However Wal-mart CEO Lee Scott’s business idea of ‘Going Green’ has took the business higher than ever. Wal-mart always maintained the legacy of efficient governance on its way ahead. David Glass brought a revolutionary change at wal-mart by strengthening its supply chain management system with the use of technology. Wal-mart brought their suppliers within their information network and reformed strategies keeping the core intact. This has made Wal-mart as the most efficient supply chain and distribution system. With the “Green” logistic at the core, Lee Scott emphasized on maintaining the social and environmental to his suppliers worldwide. Scott saw the environment and profit in a similar line and added CSR into Wal-mart’s business model in order to embrace responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere. In the former period wal-mart took environmental initiatives, which wasn’t broad and wasn’t related to company’s profit. Creating metrics for analysis is paramount to Wal-Mart’s ability to monitor corporate operations and global suppliers to be able to support their real efforts for improvement with substantial data. Wal-Mart’s new sustainability initiative to make a...
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