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Digital platforms have changed the way we traditionally execute supply chain logistics. Do you agree with this statement? if so why, if not why not?

Most businesses develop with the aim of growing profits over the lifetime of the business. In trying to do so, they target efficiencies in its revenue and its cost. If it can be said that the outbound logistics side of the business (marketing, sales, brand etc) is tasked with the responsibility of drawing in revenue, then the view can be taken to say that the supply chain inbound logistics side of the business can be highly impactful on the costs of the business. As such, businesses have become very mindful and strategic when implementing supply chain logistics and with the advent of technology, this function of the business has definitely evolved over time. Therefore I fully agree that digital platforms have impacted the execution of supply chain logistics. Digital supply networks and digital technologies can be used to create a competitive advantage (Hanifan, 2014) digital supply networks bring an element of connectivity and give more visibility of collaboration within businesses. Analytics have allowed these networks to be scaled to businesses using automated intelligence and reducing the opportunity for errors. Digital platforms in the supply chain space have also allowed for rapid responsiveness to cater for increased volatility in today’s business environment. Replacing the classic supply chain concept—a series of hubs or modules linked by information and transportation networks—a digital supply network is seamless and interconnected through digital technologies such as machine-to-machine, analytics and Big Data, mobile, social media, and the cloud(Hanifan, 2014)

Hanifan, G. 2014, “Digital Disruption Gives Rise to Digital Supply Networks,” Industry week.
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