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Topics: Supply chain management, Richard Fairbank, Supply chain Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: March 27, 2014
Kristyn Bogli
Kristyn Bogli earned her Bachelor of Science in International Business Degree with concentrations in Supply Chain Management and French from Northeastern University in 2009. She worked at CEVA Logistics in both Boston and Paris for 6 years in various global account management roles, starting out as a coop in 2006. Kristyn then spent 2 years working at Enobia Pharma/Alexion Pharmaceuticals as a Clinical Supplies Manager, responsible for the logistics behind global clinical trials in the rare disease realm. Most recently, she joined a biotech start up, Retrophin, Inc., in October 2013 to head the logistics function for the growing company.g two categories: those were viewed by the credit card industry as being low risk and those who were considered to be high risk borrowers. Before Mr. Fairbank entered the industry, all credit cards cost the same: 19.8% annual percentage rate, $20 fee. Before 1991, half of America couldn’t get a credit card at all, because banks turned thumbs down on anyone who didn’t fit their one-price-fits-all approach. Banks made a specialty of catering to the low risk consumers.

Around 1987, Nigel Morris and Richard Fairbank, partners in a banking consultancy, had an idea. They thought: 'There's got to be an opportunity here. If we use technology to understand our customers, and understand how people work, we should be able to offer products to different segments of the population with different price points and different characteristics.' They realized they could offer a broader range of products to a wider group of customers and still make a healthy profit, meanwhile undercutting the traditional players. They formulated an approach of using information technology to gather data, analyze it, and draw inferences about customer segments. The analysis of the potential credit card population would help develop customized credit cards. The approach of using IT in decision making was later dubbed – an information-based strategy....
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