Things that made me who I really am

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“Never give up.” One of the most common lines you hear today; however, this brings a big impact in our lives. What if you gave up everything you worked hard for? What if you were almost there but you chose to stop? Giving up is probably one of the hardest decisions you could ever make because you don’t know what comes after you gave up. I had a dream when I was in the sixth grade. I dreamt of being one of the officers of the highest organization in our school once I become a freshman. I then realized that being a part of that club wasn’t a joke. Of course, as someone who serves a large community, you must know your priorities and responsibilities. I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to know if I can manage my time wisely and if I can dig deeper and see what else can I do as a normal pupil. As I become a freshman of our school, my dream never changed. I applied as one of the candidates for the First Year Representative and luckily, I passed and moved forward to the screening of candidates. Four were chosen as the official candidates for the position. And unexpectedly, all of us came from the same section. I felt like I didn’t have the chance to win but I told myself, “Dada, ano pang sense na nakapasa ka ng screening kung panghihinaan ka lang rin ng loob?” We proved ourselves to everyone, shared our experiences and assured them that we were worthy of their votes. The day of the announcement of the winner came and I was surprised that among the four candidates, they chose me to serve our batch. I experienced euphoria in that very moment, I remained speechless. For the next two years, I remained as the year level representative of the highest organization in our school. Most expected me to run as the organization’s president as soon as the campaign starts but I had a problem. There is this friend of mine where in fact he’s my best friend. He wanted to run for that position, too. He asked me if I can join his party list and be his vice president. I wasn’t...
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