Traditional Lecture Method: Yay or Nay?

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Traditional Lecture Method: Yay or Nay?
When I enrolled for my second year in the University of Asia and the Pacific, I found out that I would have to take certain major subjects this year: Business Communication and Understanding Media and its Content. The latter seemed to me a lot more interesting than the former, so before the school year started, I was really looking forward to the latter. The school year eventually started, and Business Communication turned out to be so much more interesting and fun than Media, the reason behind this being the two teachers used different methods of teaching. The first one used the discussion method, while the second one used the traditional lecture method. Because of this, a traditional scene on a Friday afternoon in a Media class would be everyone staring blankly at the teacher, wondering what she’s talking about, and whether she herself understands it. Furthermore, everyone is just wondering when the main message will finally be conveyed and when the class will finally get over.

Every teacher that we comes across will have his own way of teaching, but the most common teaching method that we would stumble upon, in my opinion is the traditional lecture method. This method has been passed on from generation to generation, regardless of the improvements of technology. The traditional lecture method is basically made up of a class wherein the teacher talks, and conveys information, while we, the students are just sitting and apparently listening. It is a non-interactive type of setting, and we don’t really get the chance to ask any questions or give our comments and share their thoughts. Almost everyone would have to admit that there is almost zero learning taking place in this classroom basically because the teacher doesn’t know whether or not the students are able to grasp what he is saying.

Based on my experience, because the traditional lecture is presently still used in a lot of classes, the students in those classes are not motivated to study. They don’t see the need to strive to do their best in what they can. I, myself, am that way because if I see that a teacher isn’t really aware of what he is saying, I wouldn’t see the purpose in having to understand what he is saying. Since this is happening, other methods such as discussions should be used for students to really be engaged in the topic being taught.

Though majority of the students today strongly dislike the lecture method, it does have its good side. Lectures can actually be used to stimulate a student’s interest in a certain topic. The teacher may bring up a certain topic in his lecture that interests us, and that would encourage us to do our own research on that topic, and find out more about it. If we don’t really want to do our own research, we could also just try and listen to the lecture, if it isn’t too tedious, because the teacher would most likely be saying everything that we should know about the topic, just not in a very interesting manner.

Lectures also give teachers the chance to expose students to material that is not easily accessible. Let’s say the teacher is sharing what he learned when he was a student. He may have learned about a lot of different information that isn’t really being given much attention to anymore. This information that is shared by the teacher would be quite helpful to us, because that way, we would be at an advantage. We would be getting to know more than everyone else today actually would. “Being a student, sitting in a class, learning the same topic for one and a half hours can be very draggy, but if the teacher decides to put a little twist and make the lesson a little more interactive, it would be so much easier to listen.”

From my point of view, despite those advantages of the traditional lecture method, there are also a certain number of reasons why this method shouldn’t solely be the method used for teaching. The first one would be that students are unable to process...

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