Twin Study

Topics: Psychology, Nature versus nurture, Human nature Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: October 21, 2012
1. Methods and results
In this study, Thomas Bouchard and David Lykken, along with their associates at the University of Minnesota, were attempting to prove if nature is the determining factor in a person’s personality or if it really is the nurturing environment. They wanted to see if twins who were separated at birth and raised in different environments would still have similar personalities, which support the theory that a person’s genes has more impact on a person’s character than the environment. In order to study their hypothesis, Bouchard and Lykken located identical twins that were separated by birth due to adoption and spent a week conducting various tests; four personality trait scales, three aptitude and occupational interest inventories as well as two intelligence tests. Through these examples and other tests, Bouchard and Lykken complied copious amounts of data on the twins. The results of the study favored the nature theory in that an overwhelming percentage of the twins had similar results and personalities despite having never grown up together.

2. Analysis
It does appear that this study’s results proved whether nature or nurture is important in the development of a person’s personality. At least this seems to have been proven in the instance of identical twins. However, there was no mention of research done involving twins raised in the same household to compare to this study’s results. I do believe that the experiment was done properly in coordination with the scientific method but that various psychologists should have replicated the experiment numerous times over time.

3. Criticisms
As with all published findings, there were those who argued against the claims made by Bouchard and Lykken. Some members of the psychological community believed that what was published was incomplete and therefore cannot be regarded as true unless all the results are made available. In addition, some critics claim that Bouchard and Lykken are guilty...
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