Twins Raised Apart

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Learning, Human nature Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Eng. 121.

First I have to define what I have learned socialization to be. When we are young we learn from others teaching us and from the reactions of others. If we see others react negatively towards an action we learn that action is not good or appropriate. Through this process we learn the norms of our social culture and the basic rules of we get older we learn more rules and how to apply them in any situation. We are socialized without even realizing it to many it seems we are simply learning and it is in a sense but I would add that it is learning with a side of brainwashing almost. I think socialization defiantly affects who we are to become, and how we feel we should act. in this case it affected more than just the one person being socialized to the situation. I read an article about two twin sisters part of a study about twins being raised separately. The sisters Amy and Beth where separated at birth and never told about each other as were the parents. Amy was put in a family who were lower class, had a son with learning disabilities, and parents who generally found Amy disappointing; while Beth was placed with a family who were upper class well off and parents who adored her. As the girls progressed it was obvious that treatment of army had started to take a toll and she showed classic signs of being a neglected child. The interesting fact that I saw was not only was Amy showing true signs of neglect, so was Beth. Even though Beth had parents who showed her attention and had close bonds to her she showed all the same signs as Amy “Thumb-sucking, nail-biting, blanket-clenching, and bed-wetting characterized her infancy and early childhood. She became a hypochondriac and, like Amy, was afraid of the dark and of being left alone. She, too, became lost in role-playing, and the artificial nature of her personality was, if anything, more pronounced than that of Amy's. She had similar problems in school and with her peers. Shy,...
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