Types of Students

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Types of Students
There are many types of people in the world. Therefore, there are also many types of students. Different types of people can be different types of students. Every teacher has to deal with more than one type of student in their life of teaching and every type of student has their own personality. Based on my life in school, I can divide most of the students into three types: smart, active and lazy.

Smart can be nature or nurture. It depends on how hard working a person is. Nevertheless, not everyone has the ability to be smart. Hard working is just a path to become smart. Hard working students may spend a lot of time to studying, always finishing the homework and remembering as much as they can on different types of knowledge. Although it seems that there are a lot of thing to do, I can tell you it is not enough. Under my observation, most of the smart students concentrate all the time in class. They listen to the lecture carefully and take notes during lecture. The reason that they can get high marks in the exam is based on their ability of quick information process which means they can transfer the information into their own knowledge in a short time easily.

An active student can always give us an image that they have power and passion. This type of student always can interact with their classmate, which means they are good at making friends. Moreover, they are the students that always ask questions in the class because most of the active students usually have outgoing personality. Also, they always participate in a lot of school activities which show us they seem to have infinitive energy to use.

Lazy is just liked smart, but it is much easier to become a lazy student. One of the most obvious things we can see in a lazy student is their attitude. They always daydream during lecture and do not finish the homework. Some of them may even always fail the test or exam because they don’t do any review at home or even pay attention on their...
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