Unit 29 Task 2 guidance

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Unit 29 - Task 2 Guidance
You are thrilled that your expertise has finally been recognised and you have been asked by the Department of Trade and Industry to do a report titled ‘Distribution in Retailing’, for the industry’s number one publication: ‘Distributive and Services Trades’.

Describe the process of distributing goods through different channels from the manufacturer to the customer

Describe distribution channels and distribution processes associated with them. Also, including supportive diagrams, specifically identify the most common channels from the manufacturer through to the customer for:

A small independent retailer
A large multiple retailer

The means of moving goods through distribution channels and the logistics function should be explored in relation to retailers’ demand for goods, with specific reference to storage locations and methods of transportation.

Now compare the methods used to distribute products and services

Select two products or services from different sectors e.g. food, clothing and compare the methods used to distribute them. Due to the expert knowledge of the readers of the publication, ensure to really emphasise the similarities and the differences.

Evaluate the distribution systems in delivering goods and services for a selected organisation
Make judgements about the role of distribution systems to deliver goods and services for an effective retailing organisation of your choice. You could also, with expected courtesy, interview the retailer to get information.

Include the following issues:
Responsiveness to consumer needs
Costs incurred
The use of international or domestic suppliers
Use of intermediaries
The shipping arrangements involved

Understand the role of retailing in the distribution of goods and services

Distribution channels: availability of products (time, place, quantity); movement of goods from manufacturer to retailer to consumer;...
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