Value Chain Analysis

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Value Chain Analysis

The diagram above shows us a chain of activities for a company that operates in a specific industry. It suggests that organisations that go through this chain of activities will add more value to their product/services, so that the company will gain marginal value for their products/services. If the activity runs efficiently, this specific company can gain advantage over other competitors. The Porter Value Chain classifies into different groups as product and support activities.

Support Processes
Film Infrastructure
This process includes the planning management, legal framework, financing, accounting, public affairs, and quality management, etc. In the whole film industry like Golden Village it does not only have a single outlet but plenty others which needs a lot of teams to work in different sections. Human Resource Management

Recruiting, training and motivating people to be specialised into different types of departments in order for correct work order. Amount of workforce should be managed by Human Resource Department in order to create a desirable environment for everyone. Technology Development

This is a very important in today’s lifestyle for everybody; it creates a new kind of technology to reduce production cost and developing new technology to make life easier for people. Golden Village created a database system which keeps track of the orders processed through the internet so it won’t be a hassle for the workers there to process people’s orders. Procurement of Resources

A process that involves purchasing activity and the ability to transform the products bought to finished products or services. It adds attainment to the goods or services provided at the right time and the best price for consumers. This can be applied to Golden Village as since it’s a film company, they can add finishing touches to products they buy to serve consumers in the desired place with the desired quantity and quality.

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