Vegetable Supply Chain in Sri Lanka

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The food supply chain is a series of links and inters dependencies, from farms to food consumers’ plates embracing a wide range of disciplines. Food supply chain management brings together the most important of these disciplines & aims to provide an understanding of the chain, to support those who manage parts of the chain & to enhance the development of research activities in the discipline. Food supply chain management spans all movement & storage of raw materials, work in process, inventory & finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Main elements of food supply chain are production, supply, inventory, location, transportation & information. This report is based on the field visit to Nuwara Eliya and we visited farmers & cultivations at kandapola. In order to gathered information regarding to practical usage of vegetable supply chain & the issues they faced, we interviewed Mr. Hemasiri as for our famer. Among other vegetables we selected leek cultivation, as for our crop. This report identifies the supply chain of leek cultivation & the issues faced by famers in Kandapola area. Then we recommend some propose some suggestion as final part in this project. Actually, our anticipation is thought this project, provide better conception about vegetable supply chain.

Vegetable supply chain
Vegetable supply chain is the process of moving vegetable from farmers to end customers. Here end customer means final consumer, restaurant or a hotel. It is shifting toward interconnected systems with a large variety of complex relationships. Changes in sourcing, producing and marketing as a result of the increased globalization of food trade, leads to exposure to new risks and greater potential consequences of food -borne illness outbreaks. During the last decade, concerns about food quality and food safety have risen among consumers.

Farmers in intensive vegetable cultivation regions of up country or central province know well the requirements for planting safe vegetables. But in order to apply strictly these requirements, they must be very confident of the outlets because they have to pay costs and investment (net house, fertilizer etc.). So there for they should concern about supply chain management concepts for cultivation.

A vegetable supply chain system comprises organizations that are responsible for the production and distribution of vegetable products. In general, we distinguish two main Types:
1. ‘Vegetable supply chains for fresh agricultural products (such as fresh vegetables, fruit). In general, these chains may comprise growers, auctions, wholesalers, importers and exporters, retailers and specialty shops and their input and service suppliers. Basically, all of these stages leave the intrinsic characteristics of the product grown or produced untouched. The main processes are the handling, conditioned storing, packing, transportation and especially trading of these goods.

2. ‘Vegetable supply chains for processed food products’ (snacks, juices, desserts, canned food products). In these chains, agricultural products are used as raw materials for producing consumer products with higher added value. In most cases, conservation and conditioning processes extend the shelf-life of the products.

Participants in both types of chains, e.g. farmers, traders, processors, retailers, etc. Understand that original good quality products can be subject to quality decay because of an inadequate action of another participant. For example, when a farmer keeps their harvest for pick-up on a roadside, under the sun, without any cover, there will be a loss of quality that may even render the raw material unfit for processing. If processors, on the other hand, use packaging items and/or technologies that do not maintain freshness and nutritional characteristics of their products as much as possible, retailers will be likely to face customer complaints.

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