Vietnam Supply Chain

Topics: Supply chain management, Management, Logistics Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Supply chain management is a road map that connects all factors (marketing, human resource, manufacturing, infrastructure) in order to identify and implement the best appropriate solution for a sustainable business. Theoretically, the definition of supply chain and its implementing have become familiar with Vietnamese business but running it in an effective way and maximizing the benefits that an organization can have is another story. The Vietnamese government and both local and foreign organizations have focused more on the importance of supply chain and they have also looked in a direction in the future. The necessary actions that Vietnam should do now are listening to the opportunities, threats of the Vietnamese market that many experts pointed out and implementing solutions that government and organizations should do in order to support our economy. According to Dr. Eckart Dutz – The Vietnam supply chain Cofounder and President of Cartridge World Vietnam said that in recent years, big organizations only has had two to three years of applying supply chain and their awareness, knowledge about supply chain still not enough, so that they usually have to deal with a lot of difficulties without the outside assistance. He also analyzed the opportunities and threats in this field. The advantages of supply chain are never seen in a short-run, it takes time, but in Vietnam, when not many companies are ready, the very first steps for who dare to do will bring huge benefits and little after effect. Besides that, lack of core knowledge, low ability in adapting, scarce resources, and the impatient, wrong direction in concentration of top managers are the typical threats that organizations faced. Furthermore, foreign investors are wavering by the factors of low revenue, high risks and the requiring great effort of approaching land, infrastructure and labor. Dr. Eckart forecasted from 2011 to 2015 is the show time of the implementing and the success of supply chain in...
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