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1. Background & purpose

a) History
MGH Group is a one of the largest Bangladeshi conglomerates. MGH has core investments into Contract Logistics, Supply Chain Solutions, Ocean Carriers, and Airlines GSA representations, Cutting-Edge IT Solutions, Inland Container Terminal Management, Food & Beverage Retail, FM Radio, Cable Television Network, Tea & Rubber Plantation, , Commercial,& Retail Banking, Computer Reservation System (CRS) Distribution, Internet Booking Engine, and Inventory of Premium Land Bank respectively born in Bangladesh, now Head Quartered out of Singapore, MGH owned operations span all across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar,Vietnam, Mauritius, Madagascar, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates,and Kazakhstan, Naigeria. MGH was established in the 1992 by current Group Managing Director, Anis Ahmed. MGH started it business as a distributor for Gillette. With 770 talented associates in majority recruited straight from various campuses of the world transformed into effective thinkers, innovators, team players, leaders form the driving force, and has been the growth-engine of the group.

In 1992
MGH group is founded by Anis Ahmed as a distributor of Gillete in Bangladeshi market. In 1995
MGH started its shipping line business with Yang Ming marine transportation Corporation Ltd. In 2005
MGH logistics started operations in South Asia.
In 2007
The import win of MGH is established.
In 2009
MGH achieved the highest growth aggregate, in all respective markets for its superior marketing capabilities.

In 2013

Current condition

MGH is one of the most successful logistics support company in South Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, MGH is mainly known for its supply chain logistics in the South Asian sub-continent. In recent years, MGH has dominated the respective markets in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and China, and is emerging as a strong presence in the European and American markets. Currently, MGH provides world-class supply chain support with 100 percent accuracy in over seven countries and is expected to expand across the continents in understanding of the concept, "Business Beyond Boundaries." The company's growth is attributed to its fast transit, guaranteed space and proactive coordination. MGH continues to strive on product innovation, promising only the best in years to come. MGH Group represents seven freight-forwarding agencies and six shipping lines. In 2006 and 2007, MGH was set to strengthen its presence in Sri Lanka, China and Europe - and has successfully achieved that. Since then, MGH has focused on the European market, aiming to provide its quality services across the Pacific. MGH has 30 percent volume share of export sea freight in Bangladesh and 55 percent of European exports. In 2010, MGH has over 180 clients in Bangladesh, more than 230 clients worldwide and reaches out to over 60,000 retail outlets in the world.

MGH has also had numerous internal achievements such as achieving target efficiency improvements and reaching milestones in annual revenues. Despite the credentials, MGH continues to strive to provide the very best for its loyal and satisfied customers. In accordance with the MGH mission to go beyond boundaries, the company has managed to make a presence in the global supply-chain market. MGH is the number 1 customer of the Chittagong International Airport based on passenger and cargo volume. Furthermore, twelve percent volume share of export air freight is managed by MGH's aviation team. In 2005, the shipment from C&A via Transmarine Logistics Ltd. (TML), a concern of MGH, increased beyond 5000 TEUs. That year, TML

experienced a growth of thirty percent, courtesy of their fast transit, guaranteed space and proactive coordination. Klaus Peter Beermann, Manager, Overseas Transports Logistics, stated that MGH has been providing error-free information flow on time with 99 percent accuracy...
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