Water Shortage Cause and Remidise

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Advantages and Disadvantages of present day education system Accessibility to education is one of the main advantages to present day education. In the past education was only for the wealthy .The poor were not given an opportunity to improve their lot in life. Females were also denied an education by virtue of the "fact" they would get married and so an education would be "wasted" on females. As North America was settled children were pulled from schools during the harvesting season or as needed, to work the farm. Summers off were no vacation period for students, it was a time to help with farm work instead of hiring farm hands. Children in most, if not all developing countries have mandatory education for all children, regardless of their abilities .In the past children with special needs were hidden away and forgotten. Society, in general tries to encourage developing nations to provide even basic education for its people .Modern society recognizes the importance of education. Today we realize that an education translates into opportunity and hope for the future .The ability to get an education, to foster creativity and curiosity, to seek answers will allow mankind to continue to grow. Today we try to encourage all children to reach for their fullest potential. Teachers are better qualified .No longer can a child, barely in their teens, become a teacher. The one room classroom is fortunately a thing of the past. The computer, libraries and ready access to information have all contributed to the ability to learn outside of the traditional classroom. On line and distance education have changed the face of what a classroom is. I'm glad that I was born when I was and am thankful my children and grandchildren will have more opportunities in life due to the fact they are able to get a good education.
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