Why Are so Many People over the Age of 21 Entering

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Why are so many people over the age of 21 entering college?

It used to be that you would graduate from high school, obtain a job at the local company, and retire or die. Those days are long over. Technological advances have made a huge impact on the nation. Changes in society, a greater demand for higher education, and the recent trend of companies down-sizing has led to more people over the age of 21 entering college in the hopes of obtaining a position or a new career.

Once upon a time you would grow into an adult knowing that you were probably going to live down the street from Mom and Dad, get a job at the same company your parents worked at, and that would be your life. It was all nicely mapped out for you. Then things began to change. Transportation became more reliable and less expensive. You no longer had to work for the company that was less than ten miles from your house. You began to have choices. Businesses would send out employment opportunities to newspapers far away in the hopes of luring better employees away from their competitors. Suddenly people realized that they could earn more money by changing jobs. Then the internet arrived. Now not only can you find a job anywhere in the world, you can also have a video interview, be hired, and buy a new house, all without leaving your living room. See how easy small changes suddenly become the norm?

With more employees to draw upon the owners and managers of companies could afford to become a little more demanding as well. It is no longer just a matter of stealing your competitors employees. Now they want the smartest, the fastest, the best. And for some reason they have decided that all of that can be verified by a little piece of paper that says “I sat in class and took some notes”. It has reached the point where many employers would rather hire a freshly graduated college student with a 2.0 average rather than a person with ten years of solid experience and good references simply because one...
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