Writing Reflection

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Writing Reflection

Sometime between preschool to fourth grade, I discovered that writing was difficult. I began learning how to sound out words while struggling to portray my thoughts through writing. Instead of trying to improve my writing, I squeezed by, one essay at a time. Now that I am in college, I have to realize my strengths and corrected my weaknesses in the writing process.

Like everyone in this world, I have strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, I have little strength when writing. When I sit down to start an essay I normally do not feel overwhelmed. I sit myself down and begin listing and freewriting. Basically, writing down every thought, even if the thought has no relationship to the prompt. I try to be organized but my writing doesn’t always come out that way. I struggle to articulate my thoughts onto paper while staying on topic. Tons of thoughts shoot through my mind causing me to jump from topic to topic or from interest to interest. My essays are written how I speak day-to-day. However, I don’t use proper English every day in verbal communication. I also leave information out of my writing. Maybe I assume everyone has telepathic abilities. When I use an outline, I tend to stay more on topic but that doesn’t help with paragraph breaks. I struggle with knowing when and where to begin and end a new paragraph. Paragraphs break between topics are challenging since I am unable to distinguish when an idea begins and ends. Communicating my thoughts through writing is an issue. I believe my inability to properly communicate my thoughts began with being unable to spell. When I was younger, I would replace an exemplarily word with an elementary level word. When I get stuck on a word, I will look up a similar word in a thesaurus and find a word that appropriately describes my thoughts. Computers have spell check and a thesaurus so I no longer have to use a book. Microsoft Word attempts to assist with spelling, as well as, grammar and...
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